Building Lifting

Our team of experts work with you throughout the entire process. From the initial idea of lifting your roof to the completed project. Our focus being, working closely with engineers. Adesa Construction Group has designed and developed a lifting plan and program that is substantially more efficient than the conventional methods of creating more workspace. Our unique hydraulic jack system allows us to lift the roof and structure of your building without the need to strip the structure down and reassemble.

It’s the under-utilised and inoperable workspace that Adesa Construction Group prides itself on providing a solution for with this unique process, providing property owners with a more cost-effective option to having a more updated, modern and efficient facility then the more obvious but more expensive option of relocating.

The advantages are endless, read more to find out – link to the roof lifting page with the list of benefits

Why Lift Your Building's Roof?

  • Get the most from your existing building. Roof lifting maximizes your m3 capacity.
  • Convert an outdated facility with a low ceiling height into a modern, high volume facility.
  • Have you outgrown your current location? No need to move, raise the roof and stay at your current location.
  • Faster than the alternative method of demolishing and starting over or extending outwards.
  • Maximise your operations within your buildings existing footprint.
  • Cut unneeded cost. Lower your constructions and development costs. Fewer regulations, less zoning restrictions and fewer construction taxes.
  • Minimal disruption of your ongoing business. ACG ROOF LIFTER can lift fully operational buildings with very minimal disruption to your business.
  • Save the existing roof. The entire roof can be preserved throughout the process.
  • Save the existing lighting, fire protection, plumbing and HVAC. When the roof is raised everything can be lifted with the roof.
  • Lifting the roof allows for new buildings uses. Mezzanines can be added to allow for elevated storage or office space. Higher roofs allow for more storage space and higher racking systems and to upgrade manufacturing facilities.
  • The marketability of your existing building will increase. Increases your potential tenant market with higher ceilings and more cubic space.
  • Our ACG ROOF LIFER system is GREEN. The entire building is being recycled.
  • Tax benefits. Some cities and states have benefits for repurposing outdated and underutilised buildings as well as for urban redevelopment.


Thanks to our 30+ years of experience in the construction industry, we know what works best for each client project. We only collaborate with the best contractors for elevating the construction industry standards and bringing our customers the highest standards of quality work from start to finish. Contact us now, and one of our team members will be in touch to help you with your project.
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